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I have so many good things to say about Piwigo, but in a time where you find other websites discontinuing their tech support or farming it out to India, Pierrick* is always there to provide an answer quickly. He consistently goes above & beyond the call of duty. It is "customer service" at its Best!

The software itself is always available & easy to use once you become familiar with it. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload, our site has 13,000+ photos. And, the price is right, very reasonable for all the many features that are provided.

I highly recommend Piwigo. Thank You Pierrick for a wonderful site!

* note from Pierrick: other support team members are great too ;-)

by Pat King, United States of America, June 21st 2016

I don't believe I could have found a better provider than Piwigo when my previous one suddenly collapsed. My original site went with 20,000 images.

I looked at various other providers and found that Piwigo gave me editing freedom, control over who could look at my work, and the basis for rebuilding the various classes of pictures that I collect.

by The Mudlark, United Kingdom, June 13th 2016

I was recommended to Piwigo on a photo forum and i am really glad that I decided to go with them. Their site is easy to use (not used to software) and the staff are really helpful. They have answered my questions, no matter how silly they were, the response has always been quick to reply and when I wanted my logo added and couldn't do it, they assisted and did it for me! Can't recommend them enough, Five Star !!!

by Karen Chaplin, United Kingdom, June 8th 2016

I transferred my aviation photograph collection to Piwigo two years ago after a frustrating time with a previous host, who finally vanished without warning. In that time Piwigo has functioned perfectly, always available, and without techinal issues - a refreshing change. I recommend them to anybody who wishes to host a large number of photographs reliably, and without worry. On the one time I did have a technical issue the query was answered personally and extremely quickly.

by Gary Stedman, United Kingdom, June 10th 2013

I'm just starting my second year on Piwigo and am delighted with the site, nothing seems too much trouble and I love the appearance of the site and the ease of use. One of my personal favourite features is the so easy method up uploading as many captions as you like as a simple text file. This saved me months of work as I used this system on Fotopic sites, but Pierrick made it much easier, so a huge thank you!

So, thank you to Pierrick and all your team for such a fantastic product and here is to many more years of Piwigo!

by Philip Wormald, United Kingdom, June 3rd 2013

I have been with Piwigo for just over a year and I have just subscribed for a second of many more happy years. I have found your site absolutely brilliant and so easy to use the quality of the images reproduced very accurate. Thank you also that when there are new app to tweak you or one of you helpers are always reliable in response to email. They are also very patient when when trying to explain some thing techi.

Because of this support I have learnt so much more techi detail about building an interesting web site for my group of hiking friends to view.

On behalf of myself and the viewers of my web site many thanks to you Pierrick and your techi helpers, you have a brilliant product and a very reasonable cost for providing your web server!

by Anthony "B" Skeels, United Kingdom, May 29th 2013

I have had a web site for two years now. Search engines seem to be able to find my site much easier than my old fotopic site as I receive some six times the daily page views as I did with fotopic.

When I have had the odd tech query with piwigo I have always received a quick response in the main from Pierrick himself.

I have recommended piwigo to many others and have had quite a few extra 'free' months added to my subscription from those who have signed up.

All in all piwigo is an excellent host.

by Keith Till, United Kingdom, May 30th 2013

I decided to switch my Aviation Photographs to Piwigo three years ago after becoming frustrated with my previous hosting website, FLICKR and have never looked back. The reason I chose Piwigo over the other photo hosting sites is the lack of "bloat ware" that you often find on other hosting services, as Piwigo seem to be focused on delivering a quality hosting service rather than as a platform to up-sell other products.

The importing of my then 6,000 plus photographs from FLICKR to Piwigo was a simple task of activating the Piwigo Plug-in which then handled the transferring of my photo's and primary album structure.

The Piwigo administration functions combined with the photo editing software I use, Digikam and Gimp, means that the ongoing maintenance of the site and the uploading of photographs is quick and efficient. This enables me to have photographs on Piwigo within an hour of them being taken, a real bonus when the subject matter is "news worthy".

The only technical problem I've encountered in the three years was around the log-on security package, which was quickly resolved by the team behind Piwigo.

Would I recommend Piwigo to other photographers, without doubt as in my view it is the best pure photo hosting website around.

by Graham C Evans, United Kingdom, June 11th 2016

An excellent service, at a very reasonable price. They are also always willing to answer questions for help and advice, which is done very quickly. I highly recommend them.

by Charles Baldwin, United Kingdom, May 28th 2013

Like many former Fotopic users, I was devastated when the company folded, along with 6 years of my work, and my efforts to find a new site that offered the similar unique functions proved to be a difficult one. Many of the 'big name' photo hosting sites were looked at, but none of them had the things I was looking for also asked for large amounts of money for them, which may be fine for many Professional users, but not for many enthusiasts and hobbyists. Then I discovered Piwigo and I haven't looked back since. Now nearing the end of my second year with the service, I'm more than happy and find the interface very easy to use, and really like the many plug-ins that are made available which offer even more new functions, such as the 'Additional Pages' feature, which now allows me to create my own html pages - very useful for adding link pages etc., or creating your own home page.

The only thing I do miss from the Fotopic days was the 'community' feature, which allowed you to easily link up with other users on the site who had similar interests, but I'm sure this will come one day soon (hint, hint!).

Thanks Piwigo!

by Alan Gale, United Kingdom, June 22nd 2013

[About automatic upgrade] Thank you for this information. I was not aware that we got upgraded with the sub-versions, this is very good. I will look forward to the new update.

Thank you for creating such a great product!

by Robyn Edgbert, United States of America, March 5th 2013

I am a very keen photographer and take many photos throughout the year. I used to own another photo site (fotopic) but since they ceased trading I tried many others and came across Piwigo, and I am glad I have. Plenty of layouts to choose from, no limit to how many pictures that can be uploaded. Again glad I found piwigo and hope for many more years use of a wonderful site.

by Simon Edwards, United Kingdom, May 28th 2013

I used and got disappointed but a competitive product (Darqroom) too slow and too complex to upload photos. I started looking around, and saw good reviews by users on chassimages.com forum.

This time I wanted something quick, easy, and possibly multi-languages (members of my family are native speakers of french, english, spanish). I also like the basic security that allows to set whom or which group can see a folder.

Simple to use, simple to configure, and very reactive technical support. All what I can say is that I am happy with piwigo.

by Christian Mangeot, United States of America, May 28th 2013