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Wessex Water chose Piwigo for Digital Asset Management

"With Piwigo, we are getting good value for money. The support is really helpful, and the product is easy to use."

Una libreria di foto più economica e più facile da usare per il Consiglio Generale del Indre

"Ho scelto Piwigo per gestire la nostra libreria di foto e ne sono completamente soddisfatto. Piwigo è nello stesso tempo più economico, più semplice e più efficiente del nostro vecchio software."

Una libreria fotografica condivisa per gli 11 campus di Icam (Istituto Cattolico di Arti e Mestieri)

"Le funzionalità sono complete, il supporto reattivo e il prezzo molto competitivo: consiglio Piwigo con piacere!"

ECT gestisce la sua banca di immagini con Piwigo per una maggiore produttività e collaborazione.

"Dall'installazione di Piwigo, perdiamo molto meno tempo a cercare le foto di cui abbiamo bisogno, è immediato, siamo sempre aggiornati."

Ufficio del turismo di Cotentin: una biblioteca fotografica collaborativa per la comunicazione turistica in 130 comuni.

"Piwigo ci consente di salvare le nostre foto in uno spazio sicuro e condiviso: è uno strumento collaborativo che semplifica notevolmente la condivisione dei file"

A loro piace Piwigo

Our photo library has been hosted on for 5 years now. We feed it regularly, at each photo shoot of our products for the preparation of catalogues and commercial sheets. The use of Piwigo simplifies the hierarchical organization of photos and speeds up our searches thanks to keywords. Remote access allows us to work in a common private space for our 18 offices. Intuitive and efficient, Piwigo has enabled our teams to become more autonomous.

Sandrine Bourroux,

Communication manager,

Pomona Group (section TerreAzur)

I chose Piwigo to manage our photo library and I am completely satisfied with it. Piwigo is cheaper, simpler and more powerful than our old software. A library of plugins allows a real customization of the solution. I am particularly fond of ergonomics, and I recommend Piwigo without reservation!

Jean-François Lacou,

Communication Department,

Indre County Council

Piwigo is a full-featured, ergonomic and intuitive tool managed by an attentive and responsive team. We were pleased with its 100% customizable interface. Piwigo is a good internal communication tool, allowing us to share the life of our projects in images, and facilitates collaboration with our service providers: communication agency, photographer.

Cindy D,

Communication and marketing development manager,

ECT group

Feeding an online photo library was a real challenge for us! Not only did the Piwigo team advise and support us, but the platform is also fun, ergonomic and compatible with our other software. A real time saver, a success!


Communication Department,

Regional Natural Park Landes de Gascogne

Previously, our photos were stored on external hard drive and CDs, and indexed in a spreadsheet. A real challenge to find a file! Now it has become very easy and fast for the whole team to navigate through our photo library. Piwigo has completely changed the way we work! We chose Piwigo because the tool was complete, easy to use and affordable.


Documentation Manager,

Museum Archea

With Piwigo, all of our Siblu brand graphic elements are accessible and available for our 19 campsites in France. This is a real time saving for all teams. Piwigo offers an easy-to-use and very useful classification tool, which enables us to quickly find photos or videos thanks to tags, albums or comments.

Émilie Sancéau,

Communication & Product Marketing Assistante,


An excellent service, at a very reasonable price. They are also always willing to answer questions for help and advice, which is done very quickly. I highly recommend them.

Charles Baldwin,

Transportation collection,

United Kingdom

Piwigo allows us to save our photos in a secure and shared space: it is a collaborative tool that makes it much easier to share files, internally but also with our partners. I am satisfied with the use of Piwigo.


Communication Department,

Tourist Information Centre in Cotentin

I have had a Piwigo web site since 2011. Search engines seem to be able to find my site much easier than my old fotopic site as I receive some six times the daily page views as I did with fotopic. When I have had the odd tech query with piwigo I have always received a quick response. All in all piwigo is an excellent host.

Keith Till,

Malta Bus Archive,

United Kingdom

We use Piwigo to share and access our photos from all our information centres, without having to overload our dropbox. It is useful and easy to use.

Anthony Favier,

Travel consultant,

Tourist Information Centre Coeur du Bassin d’Arcachon

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